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Peter & Wendy - In Neverland

Join Peter Pan and Wendy on a magical journey through Neverland!

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Game Description

Peter Pan visits Wendy and her brothers in the Darling children's nursery. Together, they set off to Neverland, the place where children never grow up. Follow Peter Pan to the different iconic places featured in the book and set off on the search for treasure and the Lost Boys. Help the Lost Boys, save Tinker Bell and confront Captain Hook in brightly colored hidden object scenes! You will also find cult places such as the mermaid lagoon, the underground house, and even the Jolly Roger! Relive the story of Neverland as if you were really there, and let yourself be whisked away by pixie dust!


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Fast Facts

  1. A universe entirely and freely inspired by the 1911 book.
  2. Chapter-based gameplay mirroring the eponymous book: follow the story or replay the chapters you have already unlocked
  3. Rich and magical graphics
  4. A dreamlike and mysterious soundscape

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