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Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital

Take Care of Adorable Animals in your Very Own Veterinary Clinic!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Very educational. You will read about different animals and ailments that affect them.
  • Great graphics.
  • You interact with people and personally examine and diagnose the animals.


  • There is only one time speed (no fast-forward) so days are long.
  • Dialogue between characters is very formal and sounds forced.
  • Movements are really slow.




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Game Description

The animals need you!

Step into the doctor's shoes as the sole owner and operator of an animal clinic in Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital, a delightful veterinary simulation!

Examine the animals, make the diagnoses, carry out treatments, and upgrade your facilities and equipment - everything is up to you. Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital includes six types of animals to heal, from cute bunny rabbits, cats and dogs to ponies, horses, and even piglets!


The game comes with a business aspect as well. As you treat animals, earn money to improve your clinic. Go shopping for food, toys, and supplies, hire a caretaker, or buy new animal enclosures. It's all so you can give the best possible care to your lovable patients!

Great for kids and animal lovers!

Almost every child dreams of becoming a veterinarian, and Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital makes those dreams come true! The game starts out simply, with a user-friendly tutorial to ease you into it.

You'll start out treating rabbits, and as your character acquires skill in categories like healing, stroking, cleaning, and playing with their patients, you move on to new animals!

With over 100 animal ailments, Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital will keep you on your toes. Play in open-ended game mode, or take on a scenario with a specific goal to accomplish. For both modes, three difficulty levels are included to provide the best experience for players of all ages!

Educational and fun, with a great message

Kids and adults alike love the sense of satisfaction and achievement that comes with healing their adorable patients.

Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital strives to instill and develop an appreciation for kindness to animals as well as a desire to help them, and it also seeks to educate children and parents about animal treatments and care. Your character can buy in-game books which tell you lots of amazing animal facts!


3D graphics jump out of your computer screen!

In Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital, your veterinary clinic springs to life before your eyes with vibrant, pleasing colors and images. Each part of the game is illustrated with 3D graphics which make it easy to move your character around the area. In every way, Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital is a treat for the whole family!

Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital Download Features

  • 3 levels of challenging game play
  • Take care of animals from 5 different species including ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits, and piglets
  • 100+ animal ailments to diagnose and treat
  • Earn a good reputation with pet owners and watch your business grow
  • Fun 3D graphics and animations
  • Play in freestyle or story mode!

Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital is a simulation game that will have you managing your very own animal hospital. This game is different than many tycoon games because you are not only running a business in this game, you are also managing the movements and actions of the owner. These unique movements set this game apart from typical simulations and resemble the ever popular “Sims” series, in that you must take care of your main character along with your animals.

For Everyone Who Wants An Animal Hospital

Though the pink and red imagery and other girlie visuals make this game seem explicitly for girls, it's accessible and playable for both genders and a variety of ages. In this game you are the owner of your very own animal hospital. The hospital is rather large, and your personal space is connected to the vet. You work, eat, research, and sleep all in the same building. As owner of the hospital you will take care of different animals that come in needing care. You start small and specialize, working mostly with rabbits. As you advance and gain experience, you begin to look after larger animals like horses.


Unique First-Person View

The actions of the game are pretty simple and unique. Unlike a lot of simulation games that have an omniscient third person-like view, this game is hands on first person. You are the owner of the pet shop and through series of clicking you control the eating, sleeping, and working actions. There is a tool bar at the bottom of the display that will give you your in game “vitals.” This is where you are notified whether you are hungry or need rest. This also has information about your skill levels. Your abilities to pet, play with, clean, and heal animals are located in this area. The more you practice these actions the better you become at them.

Strong Educational Element

Also, there is a section for education in this tool bar. As you play, you read books that give you information about the animals you are helping. The more you read the more education you acquire. Reading books is a great facet of this game because it brings in an educational element a lot of similar games are missing. If you are passionate about animals, or aspire to be a vet, this part of the game is for you. It supplies important animal information in fun way.

Diagnoses and Treatment

The largest part of the game, besides taking care of yourself, is taking care of the animals. To do this you must examine and diagnose animals. These animals are brought in by their owners and after a quick exchange, you begin your examination. Upgrades can be purchased to make the examinations more effective and can lead you to a more accurate diagnosis. Possible ailments will be in a box on the left side of the screen and as you examine, the possible sicknesses become more apparent. Once the diagnosis is made, you treat the animal and collect money for your work.

A Slower Paced Game

Despite the unique first person style of play, this game does have some flaws. The greatest of these being how slowly things are in the game. The movements are slow, actions take a long time to carry out, and there is no fast-forward button. This slow action makes days in the game feel like forever. Also, the slow response times of your character take away from the unique “Sims-like” feel. This slowness takes away from the game's playability.


Another annoyance of the game that is much less significant is with the human interactions. The dialogue and movements are so formal, making them unrealistic and hard to believe.

Conclusion - Diagnoses Looks Good

Overall, Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital is a fun game that takes a new approach to simulation games. This first person perspective game is great (despite it's few flaws) for all ages, boy or girl despite it's girlie design. Animal lovers will also definitely enjoy this game.

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Fast Facts

  1. Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital was released on July 18, 2006.
  2. This game was developed by Viva Media.
  3. Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital currently has three sequels: Animal Hospital Down Under, Triple Threat, and Wild Animal Hospital.
  4. Viva Media is responsible for developing other games such as Nuclear Dawn, Wildlife Park Tycoon, Grand Ages: Rome, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.
  5. Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital is available for Windows systems.

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