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Paranormal Files: Price of a Secret CE

Can you keep the supernatural from wreaking havoc on an award-winning winery and hotel?

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 1320 MB
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Game Description

You are cordially welcomed to the next spine-chilling investigation in the Paranormal Files series! When a television show leads you to the location of a missing acquaintance, you and your squad are out on your most difficult case yet! For decades, rumors of hauntings have swirled around the Russells' Vineyard and Hotel, but it's not until you arrive that the paranormal goes on the offensive! Something doesn't want you to investigate the remote island, and it will go to any length to keep its secrets hidden. Can you discover the actual cost of achievement and escape in time with your team? Discover the truth in this terrifying Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!


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Fast Facts

  1. In the bonus game, after obtaining a stunning clue, explore deep into a terrible mystery from the past.
  2. Get awards by replaying your favorite HOPs and mini-games!
  3. There are several hidden eyes and valuable figurines to be discovered!
  4. Get unique wallpapers, concept art, music, films, and other goodies!
  5. With the strategy guide, you'll never get lost!

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