Paranormal Files: Ghost Chapter CE

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Paranormal Files: Ghost Chapter CE

Will you be able to locate an elusive business in order to save your long-lost friend?

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Game Description

The latest thrilling instalment in the Paranormal Files series is now available! Your buddy vanished thirteen years ago while researching a weird business named Worlds' Mysteries. You and your team race to explore an unexpected lead that leads to an old home with the same name! However, the estate holds more than riddles in store for you, and terrifying ghosts will soon materialise to obstruct your way! Will you be able to unearth the shop's dark history and save your friend, or will you wind up as a permanent resident of the estate? In this spine-tingling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure, you'll find out!


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Fast Facts

  1. Assist the PF agency in completing the Mysterious Ghost's challenges - and freeing Joseph from the curse!
  2. Collect eyes (puzzle pieces) to solve the Secret Room puzzle and access your favorite HOPs.
  3. Collect character figures throughout the game for special bonuses!
  4. Enjoy wallpapers and music from the game! Save them for later!
  5. Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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