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Paper Land

Help a brave Knight defeat the Dreadful Dragon!

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  • File Size - 42 Mb
  • Play It On - Windows 7 or better


Game Description

Once upon a time there was a far away kingdom called Paper Land. Brave knights defended it against all enemies, and life was peaceful and quiet. But one day a huge & Dreadful Dragon came and devastated the whole country. Even the king's army couldn't stop him. Only one knight was able to survive, a young and inexperienced one (and cowardly, we must confess). He sought to take revenge on the dragon for the whole kingdom. Help him to bring his difficult and dangerous task to an end!


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Fast Facts

  1. A hundred unique and challenging levels
  2. Two modes: limited or unlimited moves
  3. Great comics will help you to discover the story
  4. Use bonuses to complete most tricky levels
  5. Enjoy Paper Land where everything is made of paper!

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