Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure

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Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure

What treasure did Corwin find? Will you help your captors find the greatest treasure on earth?

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Game Description

A week ago, you received an invitation to visit the old abandoned town of St. Martica by someone named Mr. John Atkins. The rich businessman promised to share with you his recent discovery regarding an old Mayan civilization. Being a historian, you find this opportunity too good to pass. However, once you reach the town, you find out the truth behind the whole story. When your wife is kidnapped, you are forced to help Atkins and his gang in their quest for the famed Corwin's Treasure.


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Fast Facts

  1. A rustic wild west setting
  2. Unlock the mystery behind the famed Corwin's treasure
  3. Unique story with realistic atmosphere

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