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Nevertales: Faryon Collector's Edition

Can you use your abilities to save your mother in time? Find out in Nevertales: Faryon CE

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  • File Size - 750 MB
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Game Description

The tenth thrilling adventure in the Nevertales series is now available! You don't anticipate your mother to be a prisoner in another planet when she doesn't answer your phone calls! You're headed to a magical world to recover your family's enigmatic abilities and save your mother, but not everyone wants you to utilise your magic for good. Is it possible for you to reclaim your birthright and save your mother before evil triumphs? In this spellbinding Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure, you'll find out!


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Fast Facts

  1. Experience Faryon's history firsthand through the brave deeds of Neero and his unique friends!
  2. Replay your favorite HOPs and earn extra achievements!
  3. Collect souvenirs and morphing objects in every scene!
  4. Enjoy stunning concept art, wallpapers, music, and more!
  5. Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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