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It's MIDNIGHT, you're DEAD, and you've got THE MUNCHIES.

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Game Description

It's MIDNIGHT, you're DEAD, and you've got THE MUNCHIES. Chew your way through 120 levels of addicting puzzle gameplay in which your only goal is to swallow everything but your own wormy body. It's quick, tasty, and difficult to resist. Similar to a late-night snack. How difficult can it be to get a bite? It's difficult when you're an abominable snake living in a cemetery. Gather keys, unlock doors, and calculate your every step to avoid painting yourself into a corner. Do you want it EXTRA SPICY?
Hurry up and make it on time-but look out for the cramps. 'Gurgle-gurgle' Quit rumbling your tummy!


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Fast Facts

  1. Brain-teasing gameplay with addictive rules
  2. 120 fascinating stages of fast-paced gameplay
  3. Eerie atmosphere

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