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Nav Point

Become a Starship traffic controller!

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  • File Size - 95 MB
  • Play It On - Windows XP or better


Game Description

Nav Point is a space action strategy about being a starship traffic controller. Take command of the Navigos Traffic Control Station and with the help of a fleet of Police Frigates, Customs Clippers and Tugboats, guide cargoships, couriers, luxury liners and cruisers safely to their destinations. Build cargo and passenger docks, repair and refuel stations, and defence satellites. Create a solar infrastructure to wring profit from passing shipping. Sounds easy right? But when you also have to deal with politics, aliens, pirates, smugglers, traveling film stars, terrorists, floods of refugees, sunspot radiation, wormholes, meteors and nebulas, it can get complicated! Take Command!


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Fast Facts

  1. Start your career on a backwater moon, work your way towards command of Commercial center of the solar system - Earth
  2. Choose from dozens of maps and play how you want
  3. et speed and heading for all shipping - Cruisers, Cargoships, Luxury Liners and Frigates
  4. Deploy police cutters to intercept pirate raiders and protect your airspace

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