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Mystery P.I.: The New York Fortune

Discover Grandpa's Hidden Fortune as You Experience the Big Apple in Mystery P.I.: The New York Fortune

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Game Description

A Fortune Hidden in New York is Yours to Find!

A billionaire's family hires you to find a fortune hidden somewhere in New York City by their fun-loving grandpa. But you only have 17 hours to find it-otherwise it goes to the cat and dog!

Visit many locations in New York City including Times Square, the Bronx and Central Park in 25 challenging levels in the next Mystery P.I. game.


Clues Add More to this Hidden Object Game

There's more to this game than just hunting down hidden objects. Part of your list of objects to find includes clues about the objects instead of their names. For example, when the list reads "angel's instrument," that means finding a harp. Once you complete a level you'll play a mini game such as rotating circles to form a picture, word searches and a match three game.

You can unlock two new game modes by finding 25 keys and apples strewn throughout all the different locations. These modes include spotting the differences between pictures and unlimited object searching where you find every single object.


A Vibrant Experience to be Played Over and Over

Experience New York City in the colorful, lively illustrations with fun objects to find and intriguing clues. You'll be amused for hours with this addictive blend of finding hidden objects and solving puzzles. The ability to unlock two more game modes gives this game great replay value so you can enjoy your mini vacation to New York City as often as you please!

Test your puzzle-solving and searching skills against big, beautiful New York City and hunt down the hidden fortune before it's too late!

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Catch a peek at some of the hidden object gameplay to be found in this New York mystery.

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