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Mystery Trackers: The Void

Explore a mysterious mansion and uncover its darkest secrets!

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Game Description

Once a beautiful estate, the reputation of the Void family mansion quickly turned askew after being inherited by the mad Dr. Malleus Void. Now, ten years after his demise, three celebrities from vastly different backgrounds have gone missing in this mysterious house. But when the police were not able to find a single lead into their disappearances, the Mystery Trackers were called in to solve the puzzles, unlock the mystery, and find the celebrities lost in the void.

Using your cursor, you lead the Mystery Trackers in this enigmatic search into the Void family mansion. Guided by a toad in a top hat, your quest to find the missing celebrities will lead you through a maze of exploration and puzzle solving, while revealing unexpected twists to a story that is peculiar to begin with.


But how far can you search before you, too, become lost in Mystery Trackers: The Void?

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