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My Life Story

Lead a Successful Career as Your Life Truly Begins!

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Game Description

Your Story Begins Here

High school graduation might seem like the end, but in truth, it’s really a beginning. It’s when you finally free yourself of your parents’ yoke, and find your place in the world. And nothing tells you to find your place better than mom confiscating your car.

That’s probably happened to a lot of us, and even if it hasn’t, it most certainly will happen to you in My Life Story, an exciting new time management game where you decide where a recent grad will go in life! So let’s get to it!


Moving Up the Career Ladder

Like any good life story, you need to work, and when you work, you start building a career. And if you want a successful career, it also helps to get a college education to qualify for the better jobs.

Watch your character’s growth! Start out as a beggar and end as a doctor if you so choose!
Choose from hundreds of jobs, dozens of career paths, and four different academic majors.
Gain experience and education to open up better opportunities in the future.

Time Doesn’t Stand Still

You’ve got a lot to do. Meals to eat, classes to attend, work to do, and movies to watch. And there are only so many hours in the week. It might seem tempting to fall into routine to get the most done, but just like real life, My Life Story is anything but predictable.

Random events pop up all over the map! New items go on sale, new classes open up and more!
You never know what will happen over the weekend! You may end up going to Jupiter, or losing money in a bet. Weekend events have long term effects over the following week.
Acquire special abilities with Life Cards. Double your money by casting a Bet it All card, or make sure nothing ever gets you down by using Party Animal. Dozens of cards available!

Furnish Your Pad

Once you finally get your own place, even more options open up to you! After all, your place of residence is just as much a part of you and your life as your career.


Choose from two apartment complexes! Go cheap and dirty at the Shady Apartments, or try Camelot Condos if you’ve got deep pockets.
Purchase furniture, appliances and decorations to spruce your place up. Not only do they make the place more livable, but they’ll affect your performance in positive ways!
Use your home to relax, eat and freshen up. Like in real life, it’s a good way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

An Open-Ended Experience

There is no wrong way to play My Life Story, only to get as high up the job ladder as you can, and max out your Education and Experience. How you go about doing that is up to you. So go out there, and get a life today with My Life Story!

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