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My Farm Life

Build a World Class Farm While Becoming Television's Hottest New Superstar!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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Game Description

Holy cow pies! Lisa has gone and stepped into a big pile this time!

Two devious television producers have tricked poor distracted Lisa into signing a contract for a new reality television show based on running a farm! As a life long city slicker Lisa has no idea of how to run a successful farm, but she is determined not to let those two producers get away with being so treacherous.


Help Lisa turn this fiasco into her launching pad to fame and fortune in this exciting, fun filled time management game. Plant and harvest crops, make goods to sell to customers, and manage livestock to get Lisa to the top of the acting ladder.

But hurry, time is of the essence! You must beat the clock and finish your chores before time runs out! Do a good job and you can fill the barnyard with the trophies you earn for all of your hard work. Show the world you are a star!

Game Modes

My Farm Life offers two modes of play. Casual for the beginner or those who like to take their time, and expert for players that like to keep the challenges coming! Need to go make dinner or go for a walk? Not a problem! Save your progress and return to the game at your leisure! Play as little or as much as you like.

Learn Farm Life

While you help Lisa, you will learn how to manage your daily farming activities with easy to follow step by step interactive tutorials. Clearly visible and easy to understand icons will guide you in your chores and show you what products need to be produced to keep the customers happy.

Need help? Then call on your three helpers to get the job done quickly. Oh, don't forget to hire a dog to keep the thieves away from the barn!

100 Challenging Levels

Each level is billed as an episode in a reality television series. The first 5 episodes will teach you how to manage your farm. The other 95 will challenge your skills and test your abilities. With each new episode a new item will be added for you to manage or a new challenge will be given to you to master. Master the challenge and win a trophy for your achievement!

Need some extra cash? Play the lasso mini game! Match two identical animals within the lasso you draw to earn extra money to make purchases for your farm.


Win Trophies

Earn recognition for all of your hard work! There are 35 achievement trophies for completing task such as shearing 100 sheep, moving 100 items, and producing different numbers of goods. Beat the game at both modes of play to win the big one!

Hours of Fun Challenges

  • Plant and harvest crops
  • Tend to your livestock
  • Produce homemade products for your happy customers
  • Earn trophies for all of your hard work
  • Purchase new equipment and items to improve your farm

Bushels of Fun and Excitement Await You!

Don't miss the planting season this year! Download the free trail today and see for yourself what all the hoopla is about. Smile for the cameras and enjoy being a reality superstar!

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