Murder by Moonlight: Crimson Night

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Murder by Moonlight: Crimson Night

Help Elliot Moore to solve the unusual case in Murder by Moonlight - Crimson Night

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Game Description

Strange murders have shaken the city, the work of a twisted killer who only comes out at night and leaves his victims drained of blood. Detective Elliot Moore has been assigned to the case, and he's beginning to see a potential suspect: a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Lewis Holland. Carol is one of Lewis's patients, still recovering from her traumatic encounter with a werewolf in the town where she used to live. Over time, she's grown closer to him thanks to the help he's given her, and she sees him as more than just a doctor. When Lewis suddenly disappears, Elliot's case leads him straight to Carol... and as each searches for the truth, a dark web of lies begins to show itself.


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Fast Facts

  1. A thrilling paranormal mystery told across five chapters
  2. Truth or lies? Who can be trusted by Carol?
  3. Challenging match-3 puzzles to unfold the story
  4. Fun hidden object games
  5. Uncover the dark truth behind the string of murders

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