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Monument Builders: Big Ben

Oversee the building of Big Ben and discover the many legends which surround it!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 110 Mb
  • Play It On - Windows XP or better


Game Description

Help Carl Rybhes to gather all the resources needed for the building. Manage your workers efficiently in order to complete the levels in time, defend yourself against robbers, look out for clues hidden in the scenery and solve the mystery! Big Ben, the real name of which is actually "Clock Tower", stands in the heart of London and was inaugurated in 1859. Big Ben is, in actual fact, the name of the bell. The Clock Tower is the building itself and is part of Westminster Palace, the seat of the British parliament. The sound of the bell can be heard over 6 km away!


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Fast Facts

  1. -Show resourcefulness in order to build Big Ben in time!
  2. -Find the clues hidden in the scenery
  3. -Learn about the legends of Big Ben
  4. -50 varied game levels with a host of challenges!

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