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Can you solve the mystery of the hallowed Orcus Dome?

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Game Description

Explore the Dark Depths of the Orcus Dome

Far below the surface of the planet is a secret. A place of limitless power. Those that seek to control such a utopia will soon bring an end to themselves. Seeking an end to the troubles that plague him, PSI user Merit journeys into the hallowed Orcus Dome in search of answers.

Take control of Merit and use his awesome PSI abilities to clear out the monsters scattered throughout the Orcus Dome. Figure out why things have suddenly gone horribly wrong within this powerful PSI concentrator.


Addictive Dungeon Crawler

Meritous is incredibly easy to pick and instantly enjoy, yet has enough depth and replayability for even the seasoned gamer. The controls are very simple, with you controlling Merit's movements with the arrow keys and launching your PSI attacks simply by holding down the spacebar. Use your powerful PSI attacks to convert a variety of monsters and their laser blasts into crystals which you can use to upgrade your abilities. Be careful though, because you have to wait for your PSI energy to recharge before you can send out more blasts.

You can upgrade such skills as your PSI charge (how fast your attacks charge up), PSI refill (how fast your attack bar refills after a PSI blast), and shields (a PSI barrier which absorbs enemy attacks). What makes the time spent building up Merit so enjoyable is the clear effect these upgraded skills have on the gameplay. Nothing is quite as gratifying as clearing a huge room full of enemies with one massive PSI blast.


Put Your Adventure Skills to the Test

With simple, enjoyable gameplay, Meritous provides an entertaining action adventure experience that gamers of any age can enjoy. Finding just the right timing to send out your charged PSI blasts to clear out the various rooms of this expansive dungeon complex. With 3,000 randomly generated rooms, Meritous is sure to provide you with hours of replayable fun, and the best part is that it is totally free!

If you are any fan of dungeon adventure games, then download Meritous and start exploring today!

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Watch several minutes of gameplay footage from this addictive dungeon crawler.

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