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Matchmension: House of Mist

Restore the greatness of a gorgeous mansion, using a power of stars!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 170 MB
  • Play It On - Windows 7 or better


Game Description

You are fabulously lucky! The royal lottery has chosen you as a new owner of the Mist mansion! In addition to the posh house, you also get as a gift a free robot-butler of J1M-Y model, the best model among free kingdoms! Yes, the mansion is in a terrible state, but thanks to the power of the mysterious "stars" and your robot Jim, you will be able to restore the former greatness of the House of Mist. Play Match3 levels, earn stars, feed them to your faithful servant and improve your estate together!


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Fast Facts

  1. Fascinating match 3 gameplay.
  2. 300+ game levels.
  3. More than 15 different game mechanics.

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