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Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition

Help Mary follow her heart and chase her dreams of becoming a successful chef!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 256 MB
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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Plenty of levels to dive into.
  • Colorful and charming.
  • Quite challenging at times


  • Gets a bit repetitive after a while.
  • Early stages can be confusing to understand.




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Game Description

Deliciously more-ish

Mary's a top lawyer for a major law firm, but that's not where her heart is. She wants to follow her passion and become a chef, even if that's not what her parents want for her. Setting out to start up her own restaurant and work her way up in the field, she's got plenty to do as she keeps feeding her customers quick and fast. It won't be an easy job some days, but who can resist pursuing their dream?


Charming serving

Mary has plenty to do in this new title from the creators of the Delicious series of games. There's new recipes to learn, people to serve, and plenty of other objectives too.

  • Enjoy 60 levels across 6 very delightful chapters.
  • Dive into 30 extra special challenge stages.
  • Meet up with Emily O'Malley from the Delicious series.
  • Learn to create 70 delicious different dishes!
  • Spend a while upgrading your restaurant so it's extra beautiful.

Keep on moving

A Time Management game, you've got to keep moving in Mary Le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition. Time is of the essence, meaning you need to keep your customers happy at all times. Keep them well fed while also maintaining the cleanliness of your establishment.


  • Meet new people along the way.
  • Unlock new parts of the story.
  • Complete bonus objectives and earn three stars for a great victory.
  • Learn how to combine many different ingredients.

A tasty concoction

Mary Le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition has you combining different ingredients to come up with some delicious sounding meals for your customers. More complex than other games, you've got more to do than just going back and forth between counters as you keep your folks happy. Will Mary have the courage to stand up for herself as she pursues her dream? It's a fun path to see just what happens!

Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition Review

Whipping up passion

Cooking is frequently a fairly enjoyable part of life. You can combine all your favorite ingredients and see what you can come up with. In a restaurant environment, however, it's rather more stressful. You have to keep a multitude of different customers happy, juggling their various different needs, while keeping the restaurant running smoothly. It sounds hectic but time management games such as Mary Le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition still manage to make the process seem like a lot of fun. At times, it can be a slightly overwhelming or confusing experience, but it's mostly just right for dipping in and out of at regular points.


Diving right in

Mary Le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition breaks things up quite attractively. There are 60 different levels for you to tackle, each divided by a short piece of storyline to show you what direction things are going. In each case, levels only take a few minutes or so meaning they're great for when you want to achieve something quickly.

Early stages work in introducing you to the key elements of the game. Most of the time, you'll be simply tapping on various items to send Mary over to collect them before presenting them to a customer. It can get complicated though. Certain menu items require you to combine them with other things or involve you cooking them first. The latter, much like in life, requires good timing. No one wants a cup of coffee that's been waiting around too long, or a piece of chicken that's overcooked. That alone will keep you suitably busy, as you keep an eye on what's happening on the hob.

Ramping up the heat

Soon enough, within only a few levels, you'll find yourself dealing with many different customers. Some will approach you at the bar while others will simply seat themselves down at a booth. They might want more than one item from you, meaning there's plenty of different things to do. Throughout the experience, the customer's patience gradually runs down. If it gets too low, they might simply walk out without paying the bill. The key to success is to keep them happy, as well as try to order how you do things.

Prioritizing is everything here. Players have to keep an eye on the most impatient customers, but there's also advantages to be had with consolidating the same tasks over and over again. Success is determined by how much money you make which correlates to earning stars at the end of a level. More stars means more opportunities to buy an upgrade or two. It's simple yet effective in keeping you hooked.

Over and over again

Where Mary Le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition struggles a little is if you play it for too long. After a time, you realise you're repeating the same actions over and over again. That's fine in short bursts, but as time goes on, you might find yourself losing that sense of enjoyment. It's a consistently charming game, backed up by some delightful cartoony visuals, but it is quite samey in the long run. There's also the issue that it's not overly clear at teaching you how to combine certain items to create the desired meal for a customer. You can look up the information, but it's not as immediately accessible as it could be. That might potentially confuse newcomers to the Time Management genre.



Mary Le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition might turn eventually a little samey and repetitive, but you're still going to enjoy what comes before that. The many levels mean there's something new for you to do for quite a while. It's fun to mix and match ingredients and keep the customers happy. With its shiny and attractive visuals, along with a cute soundtrack, it's compelling to see what's next for the ambitious lawyer turned chef, as Mary attempts to make it in a new business field.

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Fast Facts

  1. 60 levels across 6 charming chapters
  2. 30 extra challenge stages
  3. Meet famous guest star, Emily O'Malley, from the Delicious series!
  4. 70 different dishes and the possibility to upgrade restaurants and menus

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