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Mahjong Memoirs

Enjoy a Unique and Challenging Version of Mahjong as You Unravel the Story of Two Separated Lovers

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Tutorials teach you the ins and outs of the game.
  • 200 unlockable levels
  • Quest mode gives you goals to play for.
  • Enriching and challenging tile matching game.


  • Doesn't set itself apart from other mahjong games.
  • Cannot create your own layouts or download new ones from the internet
  • Tile pairing becomes monotonous.




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Game Description

Unravel the Story of Two Lovers in Japan

While walking along a street in Kyoto you find an old photo of two lovers. When you go to return it, the elderly lady offers to teach you mahjong. After you start playing, you find old letters hidden beneath the tiles. But who wrote them?

Enter the deep and touching story of two lovers separated by class and World War II while learning to play mahjong like a pro.


A Creative Version of Mahjong

This mahjong game is unique because it offers an alternate way to win without matching all the tiles on the board. Instead, if you can make one match per suit listed in the upper right corner in order you can earn two gold tiles somewhere on the board. If you match these, you automatically win. But it gets challenging when certain suits become scarce or are trapped beneath other tiles and you have to start the list from the beginning!

Enjoy hours of story mode or play endless mode where speed counts. In endless mode, try to complete the board as fast as you can to earn a ranking of up to three stars. You can also earn points by making matches of the same suit back to back.


Enjoy a Deep Story and Beautiful Graphics

This is not a mahjong game to miss because it has innovative gameplay while sticking to traditional mahjong rules, a great story and beautiful Asian music and graphics. Enjoy developing strategies for making matches in order, especially when certain tiles are scarce. This game is sure to keep players of any skill level entertained for countless hours!

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful mahjong game then play Mahjong Memoirs now!

Mahjong Memoirs Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Run of the Mill

This two-mode mahjong game is rewarding and challenging; however, on the whole Mahjong Memoirs is ordinary and doesn't set itself apart from the other games in an already crowded tile matching genre.

2 Game Modes

In this game you can choose between a quest and endless mode. Both are fun and pose slightly different objectives. You match tiles in both games and follow the classic mahjong format.


Factors like sequences and golden tiles come into play, adding to the classic game in an interesting way, but they are not significant enough to truly make this game unique. With over 200 layouts and slight variations in play, this game will certainly keep you busy, even though it's not cutting edge or completely unique.

The Classic Chinese Tile Game

Mahjong, for those of you unfamiliar with the game, is a traditional Chinese tile pairing game. Matching like tiles eliminates them from the game space. The goal is to eliminate all of the original tiles as quickly as you can. Playing with strategy is essential for success. You will want to get rid of as many tiles as you can early and then slow down and strategically eliminate pieces that will help you in the long run.

Similar To Many Other Mahjong Games

Mahjong Memoirs is very similar to many of the other mahjong games on the market. There are two modes in this game, both of which are similar yet pose slightly different objectives.

In the quest you uncover the tale of two lovers separated by both WWII and social class. Matching tiles and eliminating them from the board uncovers lost letters, buried under the layout. The game starts with a tutorial from a mahjong master. She gives you the intricacies of the game and explains the rules and new options like sequencing and golden tiles. Sequencing, which is new for this game, is unique for mahjong. In the top right corner of the display shows a series of five tiles. If you are able to match the tiles in the same order of the sequence the tiles are randomly rearranged and golden tile are buried in the layout. Successfully matching the hidden tiles ends the game and advances you to the next level.

The second game mode which also incorporates the sequencing and golden tiles is called the Endless mode. In this mode you get to unlock and choose your layouts. There are 5 unlocked choices at a time and there are a total of 200 total layouts to play. This game is just like the quest, but it doesn't include the storyline. This is more focused on playing mahjong in all its glory.

Tough Time Keeping Things Interesting

As is the case in many mahjong games, monotony poses a problem in this game. There is little variation in play so the likelihood that this game will become boring is quite high. It's great in short doses, however, playing over the long run might become tedious and tiring.


Other disadvantages to this game are not being able to create your own layouts or download layouts from the internet. Yes, 200 layouts is significant and will take you a lot of time to accomplish; however, the ability to create your own design adds a lot to the game, and being able to download from the internet opens this game to endless possibilities. Other mahjong games contain these features so Mahjong Memoirs doesn't set itself apart from the competition in this regard. This game is pretty ordinary; not bad, but ordinary.

Conclusion - OK But Not Much Of a Standout

Overall, Mahjong Memoirs is like your typical mahjong tile game. In this you make pairs to eliminate them from the board as quickly and efficiently as possible. Features like sequencing and golden tiles add an interesting element to the game, however monotony is still a symptom you are likely to experience. Mahjong Memoirs can be played by all ages, but is recommended for more experienced players because of the somewhat challenging strategic elements. Though it doesn't stand out from its competitors in a great way, this game is still entertaining and worth playing.

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