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Legacy - Witch Island 4

Adventures on a magical island that has been captured by a witch in Legacy - Witch Island 4

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  • File Size - 880 MB
  • Play It On - Windows 7 or better


Game Description

The old castle is under siege. A witch has assembled a massive army and demands that everyone submit to her authority. This castle has withstood many battles over the course of a thousand years, but it no longer stands. The castle, however, hides a secret. The castle is kept warm by a dragon and You must find a way to summon the dragon, who will assist you in defeating the witch's army. You will thus solve the mystery of how the witch escaped. After all, legend has it that the witch sleeps restlessly in the mountains.


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Fast Facts

  1. Beautiful enchanted forest landscapes.
  2. Several Logic mini-games
  3. Unusual application of hog-scenes. It is possible to bypass the object search.
  4. The plot is designed to last 5-6 hours.

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