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Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest

Join us on an epic quest that will lead us to strange and faraway lands!

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Game Description

As the royal adventurer of king Valdemar of Idunia. You are send on a diplomatic mission to the courts of Sultan Mehmet the Magnificent. On your way there, however, dark forces plot your undoing, and you are left in the middle of the ocean, in a small lifeboat, with nothing but your wits and your determination to survive. Luckily, you spot an island in the distance...a desert island, where many adventures await you! But during during your adventures, you will find that great events have been set in motion, and that you have a grand role to play in the undoing, or salvation, of the kingdom of Idunia, and indeed, the world!


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Fast Facts

  1. More than 40 story encounters
  2. Full background art and major art pieces by Ponylab
  3. Fully voiced dialogues, by talented voice-actors like Tiffany Witcher
  4. Music by various talented artists.

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