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La Casa De Dora

Explore The Fun Inside Dora's Home!

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Game Description

Mi casa es su casa in La Casa De Dora, where Dora invites you to explore her home which is full of fun and entertainment. With a home this awesome, why does Dora ever go exploring at all?

Choose From Tons of Fun!

There are many rooms in Dora's house for you to explore. Collect the stars throughout the house!


* Nursery

In the nursery, you are invited to craft your own bedtime story for Dora to read to her baby brother and sister. The book cover has three spots for you to fill; mix and match different elements to create a story.

When three different elements are chosen, Dora will read your creation. You may even print out your story and read it to your friends and family.

* Bathroom

Dora's bath toys are all floating away! Pop the bubbles and drop the toys in the bucket to keep them safe. Multiple levels of difficulty will keep you popping bubbles for hours.

* Living Room

Dora's living room is full of musical instruments that you can use to create your own fiesta style music! All 6 instruments have 4 different tunes to choose from; mix and match to create your own unique harmonies.

* Bedroom

Dora's bedroom contains her wardrobe where you can play fashion designer by dressing Dora up in various outfit combinations. Feel free to mix and match between themes; there is no outfit too silly! Take a picture of your finished creation and print out your fashion masterpiece.

Dora's room also contains an awesome bingo game where you can play with Dora herself at the bingo board!

* Kitchen

You can get to cooking in Dora's kitchen! The recipe game is a fun hidden object game where you help Dora by spotting the missing ingredients. A variation of the basic recipe game is the recitas game where Dora asks for ingredients by their Spanish name. An excellent way to gain some Spanish vocabulary.

* Garden

Boots is waiting by the net outside, ready to play a rousing game of soccer. It will take some strategy to score a goal against Boots. Good luck!


You may also try your hand at gardening. Six clay pots are ready and waiting for you to plant seeds in the soil. With the help of some water and magic growing fertilizer, you'll have a lively garden in no time! Be sure to print your finished garden to share with friends.

Go ahead and look around - La Casa de Dora is a wonderful place to explore!

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Fast Facts

  1. La Casa De Dora was published by Big Fish Games, Inc.
  2. Other games featuring Dora the Explorer including Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, Dora Saves the Snow Princess and Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure!
  3. La Casa De Dora is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  4. Episodes of Dora the Explorer have been translated into over 25 different languages, making her a worldwide sensation

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