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Kung Fu Rabbit

In Kung Fu Rabbit, you must save all of your students from Universal Evil.

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Game Description

Life at the Rabbit Temple hangs by a thread. Universal Evil has taken over and abducted all of your pupils once more. You were the only one who managed to get away from the raid. They didn't kill you...They'll be sorry! Save all of your classmates by using your agility and battle skills! Jump from roof to roof, glide effortlessly over walls, and sneak up on your foes to rip them apart! Intuitive controls, detailed visuals, and hours of playtime. Each of the 70 levels demands a combination of logic, accuracy, agility, and a lot of sabre rattling. There are also prizes to be won, infants to save, carrots to eat, and a Universal Evil to eliminate in the game.


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Fast Facts

  1. 70 levels in normal and hard mode (dozen hours of play!)
  2. 715 unlockable items to customize your Rabbit.

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