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Learn How to Conquer the Board with this Dynamic Version of Chess!

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Game Description

Master the King’s Game

For centuries, chess has been a testing ground for the most strategic and studious minds in the world. Whether the game is played against another person or a computer, it is always a veritable battle of wits. You must plan for both the short and long term of the match, you need to try and anticipate how your opponent will move his or her pieces, and learn how to set up cunning traps with no escape. When you’re done playing, only one question remains: how much better at chess have you become? Most computerized editions may leave you in the dark on that front, but not KChess Elite. KChess doesn’t just provide you with a board and a cunning AI; it also hosts a variety of statistics that you can look up at any time to help plan your next move. This is chess for the player that wants to learn.

Play Chess

If all you’re looking for is a solid adaptation of chess to play on your computer, you shouldn’t be disappointed with KChess. All the rules that apply to the standard game are included in KChess, alongside many amenities that can be afforded to its digital format.


  • Play as either black or white.
  • Test your skills against the computer or go against another player. Play either a hotseat game on one machine or use the built-in email function to play online.
  • Perform all the basic moves that apply to every single piece in chess as well as more advanced actions like castling.
  • Hold you mouse button over a piece to see all the valid moves it can make.
  • Resign or call a draw if it looks like the game can’t end either way.
  • Save a game in progress and come back when you and/or your opponent are ready again.
  • Keeps track of every captured piece.
  • Supports gameplay for the blind. All controls can be operated with either the mouse or keyboard and voice-over feedback can sound off for every move that’s made. The game is fully compatible with screen reader software as well.

Study the Game

Anyone can learn how to play chess, but mastering the game is a process that requires experience, patience and cunning. It’s one thing to know how to move all of the pieces, but how can you figure out which moves are the most ideal? With KChess, learning all of the nuances behind the game becomes a much easier process thanks to the assorted tools it provides right out of the package.

  • Call on a hint that can provide some tactical suggestions.
  • Analyze your statistics. Every turn, the game will list how much mobility each player has, how many possible moves can be made, how many squares can be attacked, and so on.
  • The game chronologically displays a list of every move made in the game.
  • Run the game on autoplay to see what strategies the computer will take with the current board setup.

Customize Your Chess Experience

Unlike most electronic chess games, you don’t need to always play a standard game of chess right from the very beginning. You can alter the appearance of the board, change the game’s level of difficulty, and decide how much information you would like to be relayed.

  • Rearrange the starting positions on the board and begin a round with that configuration.
  • Set the amount of time each player is allotted to make his or her moves.
  • Change the level of the computer’s intelligence to suit your current skill level.
  • Determine how large the board and pieces will look on your screen.
  • Set the general aesthetics for your board and choose from over 20 different sets of chess pieces.


KChess Elite may not be the flashiest game of chess you’ll find on the market, but it’s definitely one of the most customizable and intelligent. The AI is flexible and can be incredibly devious on the higher levels, but you also have a few ways to pit your wits against a human opponent as well. Better yet, the statistics the game feeds you on a turn-by-turn basis can be a tremendous help for anyone looking to improve his or her chess game. All of that on top of an untold level of customization in how your game can look and play, and you have one of the deepest and best chess simulators out there.

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Fast Facts

  1. The earliest version of KChess was released on April 20, 2000.
  2. KChess Elite is the work of Ark Angles.
  3. There is another version of KChess called KChess Advance.
  4. Another game under Ark Angles' belt would be POD.
  5. KChess is playable for Windows systems.
  6. This game has been downloaded over one million times from CNET and ZDNET alone.
  7. KChess is in the top five percent most popular downloads on ZDNet.

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