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Jumpin' Jack

Rescue Jack's Family From the Demons in the Side-Scrolling Quest, Jumpin' Jack

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Game Description

Help Jack Save His Wife and Kids from the Demons!

The timbergrotes were greedy people living in the hollowed-out trunks of ancient trees. However, when one timbergrote named Jack fell in love with Jeanine, he gave up greed for love. They started a family and taught the villagers how to be nice.

But the underground demons were not happy with Jack's change of heart! They kidnapped Jack's family and now it's up to you to help Jack rescue them by following the trail of coins they left behind through 35 action-packed levels!


Classic Side-Scrolling Action

Jumpin' Jack presents a classic side-scrolling and platform-jumping experience that anyone can pick up and enjoy in just minutes. The main gameplay involves getting Jumpin' Jack to the end of each level by jumping from platform to platform. In addition, you'll want to try to collect a lot of coins and jewels scattered throughout the levels. Treasures may be floating in the air or hidden in hanging sacks, barrels or boxes that have to be hit from beneath.

Standing in your path are a wide array of enemies, such as worms, bats, penguins, spiders and many others. You'll have to hop on their heads to dispatch them and, in some cases, hit them several times in order to get rid of them. Also, at the end of each world you'll face off against a boss monster, such as an ancient tree for the forest levels and a giant spider at the end of the mountain levels.


Simple, Entertaining Gameplay

Jumpin' Jack provides a more casual challenge than some side-scrollers. The average player can easily get through it with only a few frustrating parts, yet there are plenty of secret areas to discover that greatly extend the play time. Both kids and adults can have an awesome time platform hopping, dispatching enemies, avoiding traps and collecting treasure. Also enjoy high-resolution graphics and great music and sound effects.

If you like side-scrolling platformers that are easy to learn and well-put-together, then download Jumpin' Jack and begin the adventure today!

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Check out some of the enemies you'll face and the side-scrolling action found in Jumpin' Jack.

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