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Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star

Embark on a Perilous Quest to Find the Sleepless Star!

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Game Description

Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star is the fifth installment of this blockbuster series so prepare yourself for a rootin' tootin' adventure out in the wilds of the Old West. Danger, intrigue and gems galore!

The Mystery of the Sleepless Star

Unravel the secrets surrounding this mystic gem as you play your way through board after board of exciting puzzles. In this game you join the legendary scientist Percy Park, who is on the trail of the Phoenix Gem in hopes of researching its otherworldly properties.


Instead of finding the gem, he is attacked by an Algonquin woman named Pattawaset. Percy manages to save himself from an untimely death by speaking a few words of Algonquin to her, which convinces the young woman that Mr. Park isn't in league with the thieves who have taken her tribe's sacred Sleepless Star.

Pattawaset, also known as Yellow Feather, is determined to restore the Sleepless Star to its rightful place at the sacred burial grounds, so her ancestors may rest in peace thanks to the light of the eternal flames.

Percy Park has his own reasons for wanting to find the gem, but they choose to work together, since two heads are better than one. Once they are already well on their way, it becomes clear that young Yellow Feather doesn't always have all the answers and is drawing on hearsay from her village elders.

Your only option is to take a leap of faith and focus on the challenges directly ahead. Will you manage to find and tame the fiery jewel?

Exciting Puzzle Gameplay

You will be presented with colorful boards of shiny gems to match. Getting 3 or more in a row will make them disappear, and it will also turn the space behind them gold. Complete a board by successfully making a match on each open space of the board.

This type of matching puzzle takes some thought and strategy, since simply making matches isn't enough to call a board clear.

In addition, there are a great variety of different board types. Climb steep rock faces, light fires, and even trap monkeys with creative twists on the basic jewel matching game mechanic. These fun activities make you an essential part of the Old West adventure!

A Massive Game That Offers Hours of Fun

This single game offers more than 200 levels of puzzle action, giving you lots of bang for your buck. Be prepared to spend hours completing Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star! In addition to all the puzzle boards, the game also rewards you for aiming high and earning 5 star rankings on levels.


Awesome Artifacts

Unlocking artifacts is fun and exciting, especially since you can harness their power during gameplay! Each unique artifact has a different power that will give players an advantage over specific types of boards. Use your new found powers wisely!

Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star is sure to appeal to puzzle fans of all ages.

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