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Jewel Match Solitaire X Collector's Edition

In this new Solitaire adventure, you'll get to explore a fascinating universe!

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Game Description

In this new Solitaire adventure, explore a magical world and restore beautiful castles to their former grandeur! Play over 1000 levels, including the new Sliding level type, while unlocking classic and new solitaire types including Carlton, Fanny, and Daisy Garden! Play Supersize and Challenge levels, as well as Mahjong and Match-2 levels. To gather the bonus jewels and coins in each level, you must overcome obstacles such as thorns, chains, and ribbons, elevator and frozen cards, seals, vines, and more. Visit the shop to purchase specific enhancements to aid you on your quest. Choose from a variety of card decks and four different game modes. Look for gems and coins at the end of each level to use to buy new upgrades for each scenario.


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Fast Facts

  1. More than 1000 Solitaire levels!
  2. 6 classical Solitaire games such as Klondike, Spider or Freecell.
  3. 18 additional Solitaire variants including 32 Thieves or Deuces.
  4. 120 replayable bonus Mahjong levels!
  5. 10 stunning palaces to build.
  6. Play 4 different game modes: Normal, Hard, Relaxed and Timed.
  7. Discover the brand new sliding levels.
  8. Play supersize, challenge and match-2 bonus level.
  9. Accomplish quests.
  10. Choose between multiple card decks to play with.
  11. Unlock gorgeous wallpapers for your desktop.
  12. Enjoy a soothing soundtrack.

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