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Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar's Dreams Collector's Edition

Assist Cleopatra in locating the amulet of dreams in Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar's Dreams CE

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Game Description

In gorgeous and lovely Egypt, calm and serene days continued as normal. Until the Roman army arrived at the renowned city of Memphis, intending to seize the entire Nile valley. The Egyptian people's final hope is that beloved Queen Cleopatra would be able to persuade Caesar to call a halt to the war. But how do you do it? Between Cleopatra and Caesar, there lies an army of enemies. Ptah, the ancient deity, replied to Cleopatra's prayers by sending her a vision of a gleaming amulet that allows her to enter other people's dreams. Now the Egyptian Queen must locate this enigmatic necklace, enter Caesar's dreamworld, and begin their peace negotiations there! Will Cleopatra be able to complete her crucial mission? Find out by playing Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar's Dreams! You will go through the Nile Valley with Egyptian Queen, meeting the Sphinx, Egyptian gods, and fantastic animals! You'll see the tombs of the Sphinx and the bizarre realm of Caesar's nightmares! Egypt's future is in your hands!


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Fast Facts

  1. Join the incredible adventures of Queen Cleopatra to save Egypt!
  2. Meet gods, Sphinx, other mythological characters, and friendly mummies!
  3. Check out a special feature: collect the equipment to beat all the records and increase Cleopatra's Charm level!
  4. Dive into the magical atmosphere of Ancient Egypt!
  5. Visit beautiful locations and complete interesting tasks!
  6. Enjoy stunning full HD graphics!
  7. Build, fight, think strategically and win!
  9. Collector's Edition Features:
  10. Bonus chapter and levels
  11. Strategy guide
  12. Beautiful wallpapers

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