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Hunting Unlimited 2

Track Down the Most Exotic Quarry in this Realistic Hunting Simulator!

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Game Description

A Hunting We Will Go!

Load up your rifle and put on your favorite camouflage pattern. You’re about to take some of the most intense hunting trips you could ever imagine in Hunting Unlimited 2!

You’ll travel from the rugged Alaskan wilderness to the sun-bleached savannahs of Africa hunting all kinds of game. Some of it will be small, others will be large, and a few may even be very dangerous. If you’re brave, clever and resourceful enough to handle that, then you should be ready to tackle the challenges of Hunting Unlimited 2!


Gaming the Game

Just like in real life, there’s more to hunting in Hunting Unlimited 2 than merely pointing your gun at the animal and shooting. You need to use cunning and guile to outwit your prey and prevent it from knowing you’re there.

Nothing ruins a hunt more than watching the quarry get away. Except for the possibility of it beginning to hunt you!

  • Hunt 18 different animals, including the wild turkey, red deer, buffalo, grizzly bear and African elephant!
  • Be very quiet! Alert animals to your presence and you’ll spook them. Move silently, hide behind cover, and crawl under the foliage.
  • Use over 25 guns to bring down your quarry. Hunt using a variety of shotguns, rifles, handguns and bows.
  • Make your hunting job easier using dozens of different tools. Bring along a pair of binoculars to see from long range, hide your human smell with cover scent, set up decoys to draw animals to a certain spot, or cover a lot of ground with an ATV.

Challenge Yourself!

Hunting Unlimited 2 includes a staggering number of Challenge levels. These give you a nice quick hunt to take part in where you have to rely on a limited set of gear while tackling unique scripted events that make things even more harrowing.


  • Survive a stampede of deer that are being chased by a grizzly bear!
  • Follow the blood trail of a moose you already shot.
  • Try to tag a kudu with a medium-range rifle before some lions take it first.
  • And much more!

Take Part in Free Hunting

If you want a more authentic experience, then you can always try your hand at free hunting. This mode gives you a good number of options to let you play a far more open-ended game.

  • Choose your hunting ground.
  • Select a starting location on your map. Animal populations vary from locale to locale.
  • Determine what time you want to hunt and what the weather forecast will be.
  • Pick what weapons and items you want to bring.

This Game is a Trophy

If you’ve been yearning to take on some of the most prized big game animals out there, but just don’t have the wherewithal to do so, then you can’t go wrong with Hunting Unlimited 2! It has it all: fast-paced challenges, methodical experiences, a good variety of tools, and an exotic menagerie of critters.

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