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Hidden Mysteries : Buckingham Palace

Discover the Most Mysterious Hidden Treasure of Britain in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace

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Game Description

Rumors of a Long-Lost Treasure Surface

Follow a trail of mysterious love letters strewn throughout beautiful Buckingham Palace in search of a legendary treasure hidden somewhere among the palace's 750 rooms. Explore and learn interesting facts about more than 12 of the unique rooms inside, including the Royal Mews, Admiralty Arch, the Queen's Gallery and more.

Let the Hunt Begin!

Hunt for hidden objects throughout Buckingham Palace's gorgeous rooms. Some objects will be kept in your inventory for use in solving puzzles such as replacing a letter on Admiralty Arch and using the phrase to solve a series of scrambled riddles.


There are timed and relaxed modes and an interesting hint credit system to purchase different levels of hints, including revealing the silhouette of the object, a picture of the object, or the object's location. Each room you explore will lead you closer to discovering the identity of the mysterious letter writer and finding the hidden treasure!

An Educational, Mysterious Treasure Hunt

This is an entertaining and educational game for all ages. As you enter each location you can read a brief history of it. With lifelike illustrations of the rooms, it's like your own personalized tour of Buckingham Palace-plus an intriguing mystery to spice things up!

Ready for a historical hidden object challenge? Enter the mystery now and hunt down the treasure of Buckingham Palace!

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Gameplay Video

Watch some gameplay highlights featuring the challenging mini-games and inventory based hidden object searching found in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace.

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