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Hidden Object Crosswords

Mind-Bending Crosswords and Deceptively Detailed Hidden Object Games Together in One Package!

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  • File Size - 80 MB
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Game Description

An Odd Couple

Are you getting tired of hidden object games? Do you yearn for more something different than what you already have in your gaming library? Do you enjoy filling out crossword puzzles?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then you just might be in luck! For the first time ever, the hidden object game and crossword have been combined into one package aptly titled Hidden Object Crosswords!


You’ll fill out words diagonally and horizontally while searching for lost items hidden amongst the clutter of the world, and it will be up to you to use one aspect of the game in order to complete the other.

How Does it Work?

We all remember those laundry lists of random items, animals, doohickeys and thingamabobs that we’re supposed to find in the usual hidden object game. However, in Hidden Object Crosswords, things work a little differently. For one thing, there are no lists at all!

Instead, you have is a crossword grid with all the riddles you should expect to see in those kinds of games. The answer to each of the riddles spell out the very objects you need to find!

Unpredictable levels! You never know what to look for initially.
Huge variety of riddles, including classic poetic riddles, fill-in-the-blank sentences, references to modern day popular culture icons and more!
Beautifully drawn and detailed screens with cleverly-hidden objects.

Getting a Clue

Are you not so good with crossword puzzles, or afraid of getting stuck? Don’t be, because Hidden Object Crosswords has you covered with an in-depth hint system ready to get you out of a bind!

Catch glowing butterflies to reveal one letter for an object you must find!
Use what letters you already know and how many there are in a word to help figure out what you need to find.
Use the hint button to show you where you can find an object. Be careful though, because it takes a long time to recharge.

Improve Your Score

Completing the levels of Hidden Object Crosswords is only half the battle. The other is getting as good a performance as you can muster. At the end of each stage, you’ll be graded on a scale of one to five stars based on how skillful you can play.


Accuracy counts! Click only on objects you need to get. Sporadic clicking won’t get you anywhere.
Work fast! The quicker you complete a level, the higher your score!
Rewards intelligence and observation. Relying on your senses will earn you far more acclaim than just using the hint button.
Repeatable levels. Replay completed areas to improve your score.

Putting a Spell on You

Hidden Object Crosswords offers a unique experience that must be seen to be believed, blending two supposedly incomparable genres together into one game. With dozens of fully realized hidden object games and crossword puzzles, there’s challenge to find and fun to be had for fans of either!

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Fast Facts

  1. Hidden Object Crosswords was released on April 28, 2011.
  2. The game was developed by Dekovir Entertainment.
  3. Other games by Dekovir include Hidden Magic, Shape Solitaire, Chameleon Gems, Secrets of Great Art, and Puzzle Blast.
  4. This title is available for the PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  5. Hidden Object Crosswords was given an HD re-release on June 16, 2011.

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