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Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens

Recruit the Help of the Gods as You Rebuild Athens!

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Game Description

Athens is in Trouble!

Athens, the crown jewel of Greece and center of power for Athena, has fallen. Fire and brimstone rained down from the sky and set everything ablaze. Houses, ports and shrines have all been turned to ash.

Worst of all, Athena’s sacred olive tree has withered away and the goddess of wisdom’s power is rapidly waning. She recruits your help to rebuild the city to its former glory and hopefully find out what evil force was behind the attack.


Gathering Funds in Unusual Ways

Rebuilding an entire city does not come cheap. Thankfully, there is a wide assortment of secret gold caches hidden throughout the land. If you want to find them, then you’ll have to use your wits to solve a great number of challenging puzzles.

Play exciting and unusual games of match three! Rather than swap tiles around, simply click on any adjoining tiles that match to form a chain of at least three.
Include chains on gold tiles to clear them out and finish the level.
Gold coins are wild; use them to create a chain with anything.
Collect treasures and gems by clearing out all tiles beneath them and leading them to the bottom of the board.
Create chains on lightning bolts and bombs to clear out a large number of tiles at once.
Watch out for monoliths; they obstruct all tiles above them from falling. Clear them out by creating chains right next to them.
Get help from the gods themselves! Have Zeus shuffle the board, use Poseidon to wash away obstacles, and more!

Rebuild the City Your Way

Completing each challenge will earn you money, which you can use to rebuild the city. Heroes and Hellas 3 gives you a multitude of options to do just that.

Build houses, shrines, fishing docks, marketplaces and more!
Choose how to spend your money; save it by buying cheap buildings, or spend more to purchase higher quality ones.
Watch Athens come to life as its citizens and animals wander around.
Get an inside look into everyone’s thoughts and read their comments to see how well the rebuilding process is going.

More Puzzles Await Thee

There’s more to Heroes and Hellas 3 than just match three gameplay. There’s a wide assortment of challenges and puzzles that you’ll need to tackle before you complete your quest.


Play challenging hidden object games on beautifully drawn images.
Find the components to missing ornaments in the pictures and put them back where they belong.
Collect pieces of magical artifacts and put them together in jigsaw puzzle sequences.

A Game for the Gods

If you enjoy solving a great number of puzzles, need a new type of match three game, or simply have a taste for Greek mythology, don’t wait any longer. Heroes and Hellas 3 is a deep and enjoyable puzzle game made just for you!

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