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Gratuitous Space Battles

Put Together a Fleet of Ships and Wage Intergalactic Warfare!

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Game Description

There’s Never Been a Shortage of Stellar Warfare

As we all know, space is the final frontier. There are countless worlds to explore, star systems to chart, and fascinating alien races to meet. However, if one thing is for sure, there are also going to be many gratuitous battles in space.

Thus we have the aptly-named Gratuitous Space Battles, where you can put together your own fleet space-faring of warships and pit them against extraterrestrial technology!


Design Your Ships

The galaxy is a dangerous place, with no shortage of enemy vessels looking to pulverize you. If you want to succeed in a universe where space-age technology evolves at a rapid pace, you’ll have to design and build the most destructive and cost-effective spaceships that you can manage.

  • Choose from a huge assortment of hull designs that come in three distinct sizes: fighters, frigates and cruisers.
  • Arm you ships with a variety of deadly weapons, including rocket launchers and laser cannons.
  • Upgrade your armor, shields and engines to improve your survivability and speed in combat.
  • Build as many different types of spaceships as you need.
  • Easy to learn drag-and-drop interface!

Deploy Your Fleets

The moment of truth comes once you’ve accepted your mission. An enemy fleet of ships will lie in wait, and it will be up to you to deploy a fleet of your own, using the very ships you’ve designed to destroy them.

  • Determine the number and positions of the ships you plan to use.
  • Spend your resources wisely! You only have so many pilots to spare.
  • Program the behavior of your ships. Prioritize what enemies each individual vessel should attack first.
  • Watch battles unfold in real time. Look at ships as they fire lasers and missiles, raise energetic shields, and explode in fiery blazes of glory, all using highly detailed and fluidly animated graphics!
  • Monitor your statistics as the fights wage on. See what works best in your arsenal and plan accordingly.
  • Replay your favorite missions on progressively higher levels of difficulty.

Unlock Extra Goodies

As you win more and more battles, you’ll earn Honor. With enough Honor, you can purchase a variety of things to make your space-faring battles all the more exciting!


  • Unlock a staggering variety of ship upgrades, including new hull designs, weapons, engines, and defensive technologies.
  • Open up new alien races to play as, each with their own unique ship designs, technologies, strengths and weaknesses!

Are You Ready For Battle?

If the concept of putting together a vast number of ships and fielding an intergalactic navy sounds cool to you, then it’s time to start waging some Gratuitous Space Battles! Test your mettle, strategy and imagination in dozens of missions against pre-made fleets, or challenge those made by other players.

Fight for your honor today!

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