Gaslamp Cases 9: The Ghost of Automaton City

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Gaslamp Cases 9: The Ghost of Automaton City

Victorian ingenuity collides with supernatural intrigue in a web of riddles

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Game Description

A marvel of Victorian invention, Automaton City is located in the center of creativity. Here, automatons work hard to shape the future amid rumors of paranormal intrigue. The city is a monument to development, a subtle waltz between the mechanical and the magical. But a dark cloud is gathering over the once-bustling city as spooky ghosts prowl its streets, frightening the people and upsetting the delicate equilibrium between man and machine.

Morgan Johnson and Jack Brown are dragged into a web of intrigue as the eerie whispers of Automaton City become more and more audible. Their inquiry helps them to solve the secrets of the city's past and present. They have to make their way through the maze-like streets while dealing with both the ghostly horrors and the technical marvels that lie ahead, as tensions build and the fabric of reality begins to unravel.


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Fast Facts

  1. Discover a story of mystery and tension in Automaton City, where superstition and science converge.
  2. Play complex match-3 games to find hints and open up new locations.
  3. Learn about 20 exclusive upgrades, ranging from cutting-edge technologies to mysterious items.
  4. Come along with Morgan and Jack as they explore the mysterious streets and run into a variety of personalities.
  5. Investigate Automaton City's vast area to learn the truth about the spectral beings.

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