Gaslamp Cases 8: Quest for the Relic

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Gaslamp Cases 8: Quest for the Relic

Discover mysteries, solve puzzles, and bring the natural order back through mystical exploration.

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Game Description

Following the pandemonium in London, a new mystery surfaces that upset the natural order of the globe. India is experiencing terrible calamities, with anarchy reigning. A Varanasi guide named Parvati sends Morgan Johnson, along with Jack Brown and the mystic Tenzin, to find out the truth. The world is in disarray as the cataclysms are attributed to the stolen holy treasures of Lord Shiva. They travel through mysterious Tibet and India throughout five gripping chapters, solving a terrible conundrum. As they delve into old mythology and follow Parvati through the tumult and supernatural happenings of India, the story takes a deeper turn as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


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Fast Facts

  1. Enter a mysterious world and solve mysteries
  2. Play match-3 games and gather materials for the narrative.
  3. Twenty upgrades improve character powers and unveil layers.
  4. Exciting voyage to right the wrongs and bring equilibrium back.
  5. Discover artifacts, mysteries, and allies.

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