11 Islands: Story of Love

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11 Islands: Story of Love

Collect 3 pieces of fruit in a row, vanquish the fog monsters, and bring a love tale to a close!

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Game Description

The little tropical tribe's home islands were shrouded in a menacing fog. During the storm, a guard totem was shattered, allowing the ancient evil to escape. The tribe's shaman, the young heroine, sets out to liberate the islands from Misty Spirit and his henchmen. She meets another victim of the evil Spirit along the way: a young captain whose ship collided with the reefs in the fog. Together, they will defeat evil, clear the islands of fog, and restore the tropical tribe's wealth. Assist them in overcoming all threats and understanding their affections for one another on their journey!


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Fast Facts

  1. 100 game levels!
  2. 30 building upgrades!
  3. Captivating story
  4. Moves, countdown, and relaxed playing modes!
  5. Fillable boosters!
  6. Square matches!

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