Frankenstein: Master of Death

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Frankenstein: Master of Death

The border between life and death is fragile.

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Game Description

The story begins as you receive a letter from an old friend, the brilliant scientist Victor Frankenstein. The letter says that Victor is in a very complicated and irresolvable situation. You have no choice but embark on a journey full of danger. From the very beginning you will face terrible monsters and creatures, overcome many challenging obstacles and use your brains for reaching the goal. You must rescue Victor's wife Elizabeth as well as Victor himself, all while helping the unhappy creatures that were the victims of an extremely inhuman experiment. Stop Baron Igor and restore the course of nature.


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Fast Facts

  1. A new look at the classic story
  2. Lots of clues to search and mysteries to solve
  3. Fantastic puzzles to solve
  4. Stunning 2k HD graphics

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