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Fourtex Zen

Imagine your zen garden...hand-crafted!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 25 MB
  • Play It On - Windows XP or better


Game Description

Fourtex Zen is a match-4 game with unique game mechanics. Play tactically in the moment or look ahead and play strategically. Imagine your zen garden. Hand-crafted original flashing animation or evil characters. Just smooth and soothing stones, cool to the touch. Collect poetry and visit your poetry garden anytime to contemplate the insights and wisdom of the poems.



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Fast Facts

  1. Successful play is rewarded along the way with rockin' classic poetry from Imperial-era Japanese poets
  2. Achievements
  3. Highscore history
  4. Full controller and keyboard support

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