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Flight Simulator X

Fly Every Kind of Airplane and Helicopter Under the Sun!

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Game Description

Return to the Skies

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff. Microsoft is at it again with its long-running and award winning Flight Simulator series. Flight Simulator X brings back everything we all know and love about the franchise, including its sheer variety of aircraft, its astounding attention to detail, and its immersive controls. It also adds a whole lot more as well, such as vastly improved visuals, new challenges and game modes to take on, and even some more fast-paced gameplay to bring out the thrill seeker in all of us. Microsoft Flight Simulator is synonymous with realistic flying action, and this latest entry will prove to be the highest flier of them all.

Enter a Living and Breathing World

Every iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator aims to provide you with the most realistic and immersive experience modern technology can offer. Flight Simulator X ups the ante by not only giving you even more fascinating vehicles to pilot, but by improving the detail of the world tenfold!


  • Pilot a wide assortment of aircraft, including commercial airplanes, gliders, WWI-era biplanes, Cessnas, VTOLs, helicopters, zeppelins and more!
  • Immerse yourself in an exquisitely detailed world rendered with state-of-the-art 3D graphics.
  • Fly across a sprawling sandbox world with over 24 thousand airports in Free Flight mode.
  • Watch the game world come to life as boats cuts across the sea, automobiles drive down the roads, other planes share the skies with you, and animals survive in the wild without a care in the world.
  • Fly over different types of terrain, including forests, hills, farmlands, coastlines, open oceans, craggy mountains, cityscapes and so on.
  • Fly through different kinds of weather conditions. See if you can handle turbulent winds, violent thunderstorms, fearsome blizzards, and more.
  • Change the weather on the fly or allow Flight Simulator X to match the game world’s weather with that of the real world.
  • Heed the words of your air traffic controller and follow his instructions for safe flying.

Accept Your Mission

If the joy of flight is not enough for you, then you should consider employing it for a worthy cause or two. Flight Simulator X boasts over 40 missions right out of the box that let you take control of specific aircraft to complete specific goals in specific conditions. See how good of a pilot you are by undertaking these challenging tasks under pressure.

  • Drop flour bombs onto an aircraft carrier.
  • Provide relief to an African village just as a volcano erupts.
  • See how long you can survive as your Boeing 747’s engines fail one after another.
  • Try to land on top of a moving school bus.
  • Transport top secret payloads from Las Vegas to Area 51.
  • See if you can fly faster than a jet-propelled truck.
  • Prowl the coast for survivors of a ship wreck.
  • Escape from an exploding oil rig.
  • And so much more!

Get More Content

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Flight Simulator X than what you’ll get out of the box. The game boasts some powerful modding tools that can be used to create all sorts of new content.

  • Modify the look and performance of existing aircraft, or add all new vehicles to your game.
  • Create whole new world spaces.
  • Make your own challenging missions.
  • Go online and download thousands of free user-made mods.

Thank You for Flying on Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X is the latest and greatest entry in the esteemed Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. It’s an impressive piece of software that inserts you into a highly realistic world and allows you to control all of kinds of aircraft in a realistic fashion. You can take your time, relax and simply enjoy the thrill of flight with the Free Flight mode, or get the adrenaline pumping with the myriad of fast-paced missions. There’s a lot of longevity to be found in Flight Simulator X and anyone who aspires to be a pilot should not miss it.

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Fast Facts

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X was originally released on October 10, 2006.
  2. The game was developed and published by Microsoft Game Studios.
  3. This game marks the tenth iteration of the long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series. The other entries include Flight Simulator 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 95, 98, 2000, 2002 and 2004: A Century of Flight.
  4. Besides Flight Simulator, Microsoft has also developed Beards and Beaks, Uno Rush, Links 2003, and NFL Fever 2004.
  5. It should be no surprise that Microsoft Flight Simulator X is only available for Windows.
  6. The Flight Simulator series began as far back as 1982, making it the longest running flight sim series on the market.
  7. Guinness World Records named Microsoft Flight Simulator as the 'Most Successful Flight Simulator Series.'
  8. Flight Simulator X won 'Simulation Game of the Year' for the 2007 Interactive Achievement Awards.
  9. The game has an 80 percent critical rating on Metacritic.

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