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Dive Into Business Management and Own Your Own Fish Shop

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Over 20 beautiful fish species.
  • You have control over the breeding, care, and sale of your fish.
  • Nice graphics show off your detailed fish.


  • Levels are relatively easy to beat.
  • Game gets monotonous. You will find yourself constantly repeating the same actions.
  • Strategies are basic.




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Game Description

Start a Fish Business and Get Rich!

Who knew you could get so rich by raising and selling pet fish? You and you business partner Tracy just opened a fish shop and now it's up to you to juggle 20 types of fish, various tanks, plants and more!

Raise, Care For and Sell 20 Types of Fish

In this business simulation game, buy fish eggs and raise the fish to adulthood by feeding them and keeping their tanks clean. For each level, you must complete a set of goals, such as selling three Cichlids, four Tetras, buying two plants and making $100.


Put strategy to work by buying plants to making fish happier so they cost more. Choose carefully which fish you place together in the same tank because some types eat the smaller fish. Eventually, you'll be switching between two or more tanks!

Learn About Fish and Improve Business Strategies

This game is great for any level of gamer because it features the more challenging Action mode with time limits on each level or Relax mode with no time limits. You can also play Sandbox mode to create any fish tank you desire.


Not only will you have a blast caring for the fish but you can also learn interesting fish facts in the fish almanac. Practice your business strategies by trying to raise fish prices as high as you can so you can earn the most money and enjoy how addicting it is to care for adorable fish!

For a fun adventure in the fish shop play FishCo now!

FishCo Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Fishco is a business simulation game that lets you, with the help of your partner Tracy, build a pet store into a successful venture through breeding, caring for, and selling fish. 40 levels exists in this fish selling simulation, all of which take place in your fish tanks. If you are a fan of simulation games and are looking for a less challenging game, or if you are a fish enthusiast looking to get your hands on 20 of the most beautiful fish species, this game is for you.

Raise and Sell Fish

Like mentioned above, you are partners with Tracy in this fish store adventure. The two of you have been saving your money for awhile, and now you finally have enough to buy some tanks, purchase some eggs, and start selling fish. Through this game Tracy acts as your guide and overseer. You are in control of the day to day actions of breeding and selling fish, while Tracy chimes in to give you advice and the next objectives to make your business grow.


Fish Can Eat Up Your Profits

As far as the day to day is concerned it is your job to clean and maintain the tanks, feed your fish, and sell them for profit. Daily tasks, which are also the different levels, may consist of objects such as selling three carnivorous Cichlids, four Tetras, purchasing two plants, and making $100 profit. You must be aware of the conditions of your tank and factors like Cichlids being meat eaters. If you place them in the same tank as smaller fish they will eat them without hesitating. Part of your job as Tracy's partner is to arrange the fish and tanks for the most and quickest profit. Having one type of fish eat another cuts into your profits and takes time.

Various Game Modes

Fishco offers 3 levels of play, though differences between the levels is sparse. There is challenge mode, relax mode, and sandbox mode. Sandbox mode provides you an objective free tank, allowing you to build it to suit your own wants and needs. This mode is the free-play with out any tasks. Challenge mode and relax mode are essentially one in the same. Both modes put you against the same levels with the same objectives. However, relax mode removes the timed element challenge mode has. You'll feel less pressure in relax mode.


Conclusion - About As Exciting as Cleaning a Fish Tank

Overall, Fishco doesn't do too much wrong when it comes to gameplay. This is just a simple game that will keep you occupied. The graphics are good, but the objectives and levels are easy and require very little strategy. Playing relatively similar levels one after the other can become monotonous, but other than this the game doesn't have a ton of flaws.

That being said the game doesn't stand out in a positive way either. This game just kind of exists. You might find it fun if you play with the understanding that you won't be blown away with excitement and objectives. This game is most playable for younger users, boy or girl, interested in animals and fish.

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Watch footage of the fish selling and tank management that is FishCo.

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