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Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator Review

Reviewed by: Mick

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

  • Five European countries you can make deliveries in.
  • Increased number of short city-to-city loads.
  • Upgrade options for your truck to increase power, handling or decrease fuel consumption.
  • Each type of load can present new challenges and require different licenses. (Hazardous material requires an inspection, care must be taken with fragile loads.)
  • The 'big money' loads all require a significant amount of time.




Game Description

Climb into the Cab and Hit the Road!

Feel the power of your huge truck rumbling down the road in scenic Europe. You get to be the driver and delivering cargo to European countries is your job!

Transport Cargo Throughout Europe

This realistic truck simulator game lets you choose which beautiful European country you want to start working in. Buy a truck, hook up a trailer, grab the cargo and hit the road!


It's entirely up to you to drive between the cities and countries. Use blinkers, headlights, windshield wipers and more for a realistic experience. Stop for gas or rest when you need to but be careful not to damage the cargo! Make money to buy new trucks and upgrades so you can drive faster, carry more and expand your jobs into more cities.

Realistic and Fun for All Ages

The realistic, detailed trucks are modeled after real trucks and the scenery is beautiful. Gamers of all ages can enjoy driving the big rigs, choosing jobs and earning money from successful deliveries! Strategize about which job will give the best pay-off or just go have fun practicing your truck-driving skills.

The open road is calling to you! Play Euro Truck Simulator now and make a name for yourself in the trucking industry.

Euro Truck Simulator Review

- Review by Mick

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Delivering goods like gasoline or apples all across Europe to cities like Paris and London is just the beginning in Euro Truck Simulator. You'll find yourself fully immersed in a lifelike truck driving experience. You start off small in your home country and work your way all over Europe in the hope of making it rich in this truck driving simulation game.

Tutorial to Get You Going

The setup in this game is really simple. In Euro Truck Simulator you start with €100,000 and have to pick your first truck. Only four are under €100,000 but after you have built up some money there are 12 trucks to choose from total. After you have selected your truck you begin a short tutorial. If you are familiar with this style of game you can skip the tutorial if you want. Important aspects of the game are covered in this tutorial like how to choose loads, how to pick those loads up and how to drop them off. Also covered are things like driving basics. Directions are given at every point where interaction by the player is required, so you wont get confused.

Big Money Euro Trucker

The premise of the game is really simple, deliver goods and make money. Each town will have one or more loading docks where you can pick up loads to be delivered. The loading docks have an interface that allows you to choose loads by destination, payout, or load type. Letting you choose the load allows you to determine how much time you want to invest or how much money you want to make. The higher payout loads require a long haul or lots of certification to haul. For dangerous loads you have to upgrade you commercial drivers license (CDL) to be authorized to haul them. Upgrading your CDL is costly but pays off in the long run with the ability to haul more profitable loads.

Upgrades Include Trucks, Licenses, and New Countries

There are several ways to spend your money in this game. You can upgrade your CDL, upgrade your truck, or unlock new countries. Upgrades for your truck fall under three categories: power,handling and fuel consumption. These upgrades help you get your loads from point A to point B safer, faster and cheaper. In addition to optional costs you must also pay for gas, repairs and traffic fines. Make sure you save enough money when upgrading to pay for gas to the next city or you'll be stranded.

The graphics in Euro Truck Simulator are incredibly detailed. Everything down to the smallest details are included in this game. The truck includes functioning wipers, blinkers, head lights and gauges. The cities and environment are no exception to this. Stop lights and road rules must be obeyed at all times. The scenery gives you something to look at while you make those long drives between cities.

Big Money Takes Time

This game does have one slight issue. The most profitable loads require driving a long way. These long hauls can require a significant time investment. They can be avoided and are not necessary, but they do make the most money. The trucks drive relatively slow, but if you upgrade your truck it could reduce the amount of time necessary, making these long hauls go a little faster.

Conclusion - A Realistic Ride Through Beautiful Country

Exciting travel all across Europe with beautifully detailed scenery and challenging loads to haul make this a great game. With every new city you will find new challenges and new adventures. Euro Truck Simulator is as close as it gets to real without actually stepping behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler. With the cab view, you just might feel like you have though.

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