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Elven Legend 6 Collector's Edition

A Queen and her husband face a new disaster and now have to reclaim the crown in Elven Legend 6

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Game Description

Queen Aerin and her spouse set off to solve the trouble in the forest and find out it was just a part of a devilish plan to seize the crown and oppress the elven kin. Enjoy this mix of the best time-management and strategy gameplays set in a Fantasy and spectacular atmosphere. Use the Crafting, sorcery and multiple bonuses to diversify the gameplay whislt exploring various locations where the heroes will meet different races and tribes. All in all it bring an intensive gameplay expereince, which brings a lot of fun


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Fast Facts

  1. 10 exciting bonus levels!
  2. Complete walkthrough for each level of the game.
  3. Beautiful wallpapers and Concept-Art
  4. Two types of collectable items stored in trophies room
  5. Play Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick Collector's Edition

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