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Driving Speed 2

Rake in the Dough with Your Fully Tuned-Up Performance Car!

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Game Description

Start Your Engine

The title says it all. Speed is everything in Driving Speed 2. It’s what’s going to get you ahead of the competition and to first place once you cross that finish line. You will set up the races. You will determine the winning conditions. You will choose your vehicle. You will tune it up to your specifications. Most of all, you will determine if you have the skills to be the biggest, meanest and fastest racer on both the singleplayer and multiplayer circuit. Buckle your seatbelt, put your pedal to the metal, and don’t even think about letting up for even a second. This is Driving Speed 2!

Race to the Finish

When you play Driving Speed 2, you play for speed above all else. Burn rubber across the road, make the other guys eat your dust, and prove your superiority when your car reaches the finish line before the rest.


  • Features highly-detailed three-dimensional graphics.
  • The more punishment your car takes, the more physical damage it will display on-screen.
  • Accelerate, slam on the brakes, make wide turns, learn how to drift, and send your opponents into the wall to get them out of your way. All is fair in love, war and racing, so use every advantage you have to win!
  • Play a Quick Race to start driving with a tuned-up vehicle immediately.
  • Enter the Championship and see if you can beat the entire circuit. Earn money for your victories and use it to purchase new cars and upgrades.

Choose Your Vehicle

The competition is stiff out there. If you want a chance to win any trophies, you’ll need to acquire a monster of a car. Fortunately, Driving Speed 2 offers plenty of options that can and will help any aspiring racer find the right vehicle.

  • Race with one of five different vehicles, including an X8 muscle car, a GTS, an A9X and more!
  • Paint your vehicle with at least three different color schemes.
  • Monitor different attributes like speed, power, acceleration and torque.
  • Tune your car up between matches. Upgrade your engine, change your injectors, switch out tires, alter your suspension, and more!
  • Perform last-minute adjustments to your vehicle before each match. Change the alignment of your front and rear chambers, alter your drive ratio, and so on.
  • Drive with either automatic or manual transmission.

Customize Your Race

Driving Speed 2 offers a multitude of options that let you decide what kind of races you would like to test your skills on.


  • Set the number of laps that need to be completed.
  • Decide if you want to allow anti-lock brakes and traction control for the match.
  • Determine how many opponents you want to race against. Go one on one, squeeze your way through the track with as many as a dozen other racers, get a feel for the road by practicing on it by yourself, and so on.
  • Choose what kind of opposition you will deal with. Limit what classes and cars will be permitted on the track, and pick three different skill levels for them.

Take Your Game Online

No racing game is complete without at least some multiplayer support. Driving Speed 2 does not disappoint. You can take your customized vehicle to the online tracks and test your driving skills against your fellow speed freaks all over the world.

  • Hop into an active server and join a game already in progress.
  • Race against up to seven other players with your tuned-up vehicle.
  • Set up a local area network with all of your buddies and go head to head on the track.
  • Set up your own server with your own rules and winning conditions. Challenge anyone who’s brave enough to face you.

Drive Fast. Drive Free!

Driving Speed 2 offers a lot of bang for your buck. There is a nice a variety of performance cars to drive, endless ways to tune them up to your exact specifications, and plenty of tracks to burn rubber across against both challenging AI and player-controlled opponents. Indeed, it is a lot of bang for your buck, considering you won’t be spending any bucks at all. Driving Speed 2 is completely free and available for download to anyone who values speed above all else. Get in the driver’s seat and give the game a test drive; you won’t regret it!

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Fast Facts

  1. Driving Speed 2 was released in 2008.
  2. This game was put together by the independent WheelSpin Studios.
  3. Other games in this series include Driving Speed Lite and Driving Speed Pro.
  4. Driving Speed is WheelSpin Studios' only series.
  5. This game is currently only available for the PC.
  6. Driving Speed 2 has been downloaded nearly one million times from CNET alone and is ranked as the site's fifth best driving game.

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