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Dragonscales 5

Zarya resumes her journey to the Frozen Tomband faces new puzzles and battles to be a master warrior

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Game Description

Heed the call of the Sacred Dragon! Zarya resumes her journey, decided to release the Sacred Dragon who was sealed centuries ago in the snowy peaks known as The Frozen Tomb. She will meet new (and weird) characters, solve puzzles, unlock power-ups, battle his way through several beasts, and grow to become a master warrior! It will be a long journey, with several gameplay novelties, plenty of battles and extra missions, yielding the most complete and alluring DragonScales game ever!


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Fast Facts

  1. 200 new levels.
  2. Novel gameplay variations.
  3. 12 missions for extra items and coins.
  4. Collect up to 65 stars to unlock missions.
  5. New battle system based on arrows.
  6. Achievements and stats tracking.
  7. Colosseum with 20 battles.
  8. Up to 16 unlockable magical cards which can be replenished via the in-game store or the new Dragonphant bar.
  9. Improve Zarya's status with stronger weapons and defensive equipment.
  10. Special control mode for computers with a touchscreen.
  11. Extended story arc.

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