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Doras Carnival Adventure

Help Dora Win Lots Of Fun Prizes!

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Game Description

Dora the Explorer and other familiar friends from the hit TV series are back for more fun in Dora's Carnival Adventure!

* Boots' Crane Game

Claw machine style game has you nabbing Boots' multicolor boots to see what goodies are inside. The boots contain either candy, confetti, jewels or tickets, with tickets the most sought after item.


* Tiko's Bumper Cars

Everybody's favorite purple squirrel is running an awesome bumper car minigame. In this game you are encouraged to swipe tickets off the back of other bumper cars by giving them a good push. The terrain changes as the levels progress, giving an added challenge to the main objective.

* Swiper's Slide

The sneaky fox thief is taking a much needed break from swiping goods to operate an exciting slide game. Keep your character ahead of the pack in order to score as many tickets as possible.

* Basket Game

The baby blue bird is back with a basket game sure to keep you busy guessing where the object is. Keep your eyes peeled as the baskets are moved back and forth, to and fro. Blink and you'll miss it!

* Thirsty Dolphins

Give your dolphin friends a drink in this water shooting minigame. Get as much water in the dolphin's mouth as possible before they duck back down below the water again. The better your shooting skills, the more tickets you'll win.

* Swiper's Air Hockey

Do you stand a chance against a fox's agility? Pit your skills against Swiper in a thrilling game of air hockey. Lots of tickets to potentially win.

* Roberto's Bubble Game

Roberto the Robot challenges you to a robo themed Pacman style game. Collect as much birdseed for your toy bird as possible, but avoid all the bubbles! Hit battery power ups in order to pop the bubbles in the maze.

* Color Wheel

Test your luck with this game of chance. Select a color and then spin the wheel; if it lands on your color, you win. Dora calls out the colors in Spanish, meaning you gain valuable Spanish vocabulary practice too.

* Balloon Race

Click like mad to keep your hot balloon ahead of the rest!

* Benny's Bowling

Join Benny the Bull in a fun game of bowling! If you can knock down 10 pins in two tries or less you earn yourself a ticket!


Spend Your Tickets on Carnival Swag

There are lots of awesome carnival prizes to unlock, but only if you have the skill and patience to rack up enough tickets to do so. Printables, wallpapers and even virtual toys await!

Dora's Carnival Adventure is a great collection of minigames featuring favorite characters from the series. You won't want to miss out on the fun!

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