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Defender of the Crown

Turn the Clock Back to Medieval Times with Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever!

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Game Description

Remake of the 1988 Cinemaware Classic

The Middle Ages: a time of dashing knights on horseback, beautiful damsels in distress, and perilous quests for honor and glory!

In Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever, you're an English lord with a shire, a small army, and designs on the throne. You aren't the only one, though: you'll need to defeat the other noblemen by capturing their home castles.


Sounds easy, right? Not so fast! With this turn-based strategy game it takes more than brute strength and dumb luck to become King of all England!

Strategic Gameplay Full of Depth and Personality

Capture territories, raid castles, compete in jousting and archery tournaments, kidnap and rescue princesses - these are just a few of the options available to you in your bid to rise above your peers!

Decide whether to use your turn to hire more soldiers, whether they be infantry, archers, knights, or catapults, or capture territory. The more land you control, the more gold revenues come into your coffers, but don't neglect your army!

You also need to watch your level of fame - some actions will increase it and some will decrease it. There's so much to do, but don't worry because a comprehensive tutorial can walk you through every step of the game!

Mini-games and Animations

If you thought Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever was just a simple, straightforward strategy game, think again!

For a reward of fame or land, challenge your opponents to a one-on-one archery or jousting grudge match. To the victor go the spoils!


Animated combat sequences, crisp graphics, and sound effects add personality to this medieval odyssey. Grab your shield and sword, but don't leave your courage at home - you've got a grand adventure to begin!

Defender of the Crown Download Features

  • Build armies and fortify your castles as you wage war against five tenacious opponents for control of the crown
  • Challenge your foes to archery contests or meet them in the lists for a joust!
  • Increase your fame and line your coffers by rescuing and kidnapping princesses, and raiding enemy treasuries!
  • Windows Vista-ready

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