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Dark City: Kyiv Collector's Edition

A battle for the truth in a city of deception!

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Game Description

When a probe into a suspected spiritualist fraud yields no results, events unravel to reveal a much deeper and more intricate underbelly of Kyiv, the magical city. You'll play as a renowned detective in a city full of secrets, ghostly events, and mistrust, as you try to figure out who to trust among your friends and neighbors. Things take an unexpected turn when your inquiry reveals the presence of supernatural occupants in Kyiv, as well as someone or something who wants them removed. With more questions than answers, it is up to you to unravel this dark secret and save a city on the verge of destruction in this mind-bending hidden-object adventure!


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Fast Facts

  1. Use the strategy guide to easily explore Kyiv's vibrant streets!
  2. Investigate the disappearance of mystical creatures in the bonus game!
  3. Download and save gorgeous wallpapers to experience magic!
  4. Take the journey home with our exclusive music player!
  5. Discover dozens of hidden stuff throughout!

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