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Cursed House 6

This town was cursed and has been a haven of evil spirits! Charge the ancient amulet and cleanse it!

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Game Description

This small, once bustling with life, town is haunted. The ancient evil dwells inside its houses and on its streets. The only hope that is left is the Amulet - a powerful catalyst of energy that was used to summon the evil on the first place. It is the only thing that is powerful enough to drive the spirits away. Its energy perished when it was used to summon the evil and is now scattered all over the town in a form of mysterious tokens. Recharge the amulet by collecting all the tokens and banish the ancient evil.


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Fast Facts

  1. 100 new exciting match3 levels in two different versions: for Hardcore and Casual players!
  2. Enjoy many other puzzle types as well such as Solitaires, Find the difference and Hidden Object scenes!

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