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Cursed House 13

Restore the amulet to permanently evict the ghosts in Cursed House 13

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Game Description

The Cursed House series is the most difficult Match3 Puzzle game out there, and this one is no exception. As usual, there are some new twists in the game mechanics, as well as a new set of levels, some of which are pretty difficult, if not impossible to complete at first appearance. But don't worry; if you can't figure out what to do, there's an interactive HINT button (which we're always updating with each project to make it more accurate and engaging), so you won't be trapped.


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Fast Facts

  1. 110 excitiYou have 110 fascinating levels to smash through!
  2. Various puzzles, including match-3, solitaire, hidden-object, and more!
  3. You can play through your favorite levels and bonus games as many times as you want!

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