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Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders CE

Gather your wits for an exciting detective thriller! with Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders CE

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Game Description

Sometimes there is considerably more than meets the eye, and accidents are not at all accidental. Enjoy fascinating police investigations and learn that the difference between a good detective and a bad detective is character strength and the capacity to act for more than 5 seconds without thinking. Do you have these characteristics? Melinda Watson, a local constable, approaches you for assistance with a case. You begin working on the case and immediately discover new evidence that connect the three murders. They were either acquaintances or business colleagues. The deeper you go, the clearer it seems that these killings are not random. You observe a masked guy enter into one of the victims' residences and grab his paperwork. His wife, Norma, is astounded and claims she had no idea her husband held such crucial paperwork. Can you identify the difference between the truth and the lies? In this pulse-pounding new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, gather your wits for an exciting detective thriller!


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Fast Facts

  1. Extra Chapter! After finishing the main tale, you'll be able to access additional mission that will fascinate you and put your detective abilities to the test! You'll have to cope with a celebrity's unexpected allergy after trying on a dress, as well as defend your pal from false allegations!
  2. A wide range of accomplishments! Prepare for intriguing puzzles, challenging mini-games, and a variety of hidden things! If you behave like a true detective, you'll receive a slew of accolades that will showcase your accomplishments!
  3. Interesting plot! Spend your leisure time immersed in the world of detectives! The dynamically unfolding narrative, atmosphere, riddles, and much more will not disappoint!
  4. Decorative items! Look for collectibles and hidden goodies in each colorful place. Demonstrate how useful your investigative talents are!

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